Founder, VP Engineering, Consultant and Teacher


I have broad experience in terms of roles, technologies and domains.
I have run my own business for about ten years, worked for large corporates for about ten years and have been an external consultant for about five years. Throughout my career, I have also been involved in teaching.
I have worked on different areas of software technology, embedded systems and hardware development. The domains have also been diverse. These include video technologies, mobility, aerospace products, database solutions and web technologies.
I have some narrow focused experience in big data. My experience is in analyzing about half a billion monthly video views to optimize for end user viewing quality.
I believe in Process and its intelligent usage. I have a six sigma green belt certification.
I have a strong research inclination and hold two patents. I am working towards my PhD, and I have submitted my thesis. My PhD work is about image resizing to improve image and video viewing on devices with different resolutions.