Agricultural Specialist


13+ years of working in Russian agriculture, with a few detours to Poland, Slovakia and Romania. I worked for the biggest in their field, the wierdest in their field, the best in their field and they are not one and the same.





Transformation of east European farm production into modern farms.
* Focus on best cost/benefit solution in every aspect of a project.
* Focus on logistic challenges that any farm project faces.
* Introduction of modern technology, latest know-how and best practice.
* Construction site management, project management, farm management.
* Farm audit, supervising purchase of technical equipment.
*Technical sales and promotion related to agriculture.
Interest area:
To actively participate in the transformation of the Russian agriculture from an old soviet system into modern farm production, including the education of farm workers to increase their production value.
Looking for:
The ultimate job would consist of the following:
The start of a green field project of dairy or beef production in Russia. I would want to participate in the planning, construction and managing the project on a senior level. The project should not just be a job, but also be the preferred place of living for my family. Grain production with rotation of crops, and implementation of the correct use of equipment, fertilizing and pesticides.
Any job in the agricultural business in Russia will be of interest.