Lecturee and business developement for eduation


I have been in the educqtion industry for the past 13 years and have performed well in varioys business and academic functions such as:
- Consultant
- Special project - Marketing
- Lecturer
- Business development
- Module chair and industry internship mentor
- Panel member for Mentor@Work national programme
I have good understanding of the Singapore education market, training and development for industry and the macro/mirco econimic implecation through my experience and training.





I have a keen eye in developing opportunities for organisations and creating value from varied resources. I believe in the power of successful enterprises and their ability to do good for the community. Strong business relies on strong communities to ensure sustainablity and viablity. Hence, the expliotation of resources for economic gains can have positive ecological effect instead of affecting it.

The ability to change when the opportunities and resources allow me to enables me to make a difference to the organisations that i partner with. The values that one creates in the business, environment and the society is a reflection of our own values - something that should be unwaivering, persistent and steadfast in thhe belief that doing good can also be economically viable.