Director of Operations - Kannal Solutions


October 2009 – November 2012
Kannal Solutions Sdn Bhd
Director of Operations
Key Accomplishments
Kannal Solutions is a local BPO company, specializing in Telemarketing, Customer Service and Helpdesk Services. Total seat capacity of 550 seats.
Managed IT, facility and operations management.
• Managed billing of RM7.2 million for Astro on Demand project for 2 years. Successfully negotiated extension on Astro project for a further 12 months beginning March 2012.
• Successfully secured 6 month training (2010) project from Amdocs. Total value of contract – RMM280, 000.00
• Secured telemarketing project from Digi (telecoms). Value of contract for 2010 and 2011 was RM1.2million. Successfully negotiated extension of contract for 12 months beginning December 2011.
• Managed MY Jobs Recruitment (subsidiary of Kannal Solutions). Total billings of RM425, 000 in 2011/2012
• Managed Fujitsu infrastructure outsourced project with total billings of RM1.2million for 2010 and 2011. Successfully negotiated extension of contract for further 2 years valued at RM840, 000.00
• Process Improvement and optimizations strategies for all aspects of the company including IT process management, Sales funneling process, Project Management and Transformation Office.





Extremely results oriented and proactive seasoned business leader with proven record operations, IT management, business development, project management and optimization strategies. Dedicated to continuous process improvement and new technologies in the face of rapidly evolving and changing markets.
Extremely results oriented and proactive in managing cost-effective solutions for company wide concerns. Possesses in depth knowledge of Business Process Outsourcing, Shared Services, Digital Marketing and Transformation and Hospitality Management.
Personable and friendly with superb negotiations and presentation skills.

Key Strengths
• Hands on experience building BPO/Shared Services Centers from scratch
• Focus on process improvement and optimization
• Proven track record of meeting KPI’s
• The ability to devise and implement contact center designs that work for the employees and the organization.
• Ability to train, motivate and supervise
• Upbeat, disciplined and creative personality, seen as a natural leader
• Excellent negotiator/communicator and facilitator
• Focused on staff, kpi’s and bottom line
• Ability to devise effective and inexpensive solutions that meets customers and organization needs.
• Flexible, committed to achieving outcomes.
• Project Management
• Remote Management
• Excellent time management
• Business Development