Insights Lead Uber Eats


Client side application of consumer insight (qual, quant, data) to help develop big business relevant strategies, both inside and beyond marketing (product, operations, UX)
Focus on South East Asia, Taiwan, Japan, ANZ
Developing learning plans and research approaches and driving insight through the business





I have always been a strategist first and foremost, whether I am providing insight to multinationals, developing creative ideas with brands or leading launch strategies for new companies; I hope those I work with think of me as an adaptable and genuinely multidisciplinary thinker. Drawing on experience from a career that began in start-ups, spans both large and small integrated comms agencies, and is currently in cultural and consumer insight, my strength lies in the breadth of my experience as well as depth and continuity of expertise.

I am agnostic thinker; happy working brand-out, through cultural insight and trends, or via qual and/or quant. In the end, the methodology is just that; a path to getting to the best, most powerful creative business solutions, and every problem is different.