Market Development in ASEAN

  • 食品卸(総合)
  • 事業開発


I recently joined a World no.1 German Company in its category. Prior to this company I have >5 years experience as International Business Manager for one of the leading beverage companies in Malaysia. I responsible to development some markets not just in ASEAN, my portfolio included USA and some countries from South America and Africa respectively. Besides Malaysia, the key ASEAN markets which I have high knowledge in will be the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. I also visited these countries many times to have business discussion. One of my greatest achievements was increased the market share by 3% in 2 years by taking over competitor's share (Euromonitor report 2017) through various sales and marketing initiatives. This transformed the product to become one of the top 3 brands in the market. I also involved in many trade exhibitions such as SIAL, Gulfood etc. I have experience in securing 3 - 4 containers orders in one exhibition.