Warehouse and Logistics Manager

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In charge to manage inbound, outbound, and other warehouse / transport activity, including export import




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Improvement never end. I keep learning and update my skill and experience in various areas: 1. Engineering: Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) Leader/Project Leader; Launch Systematic Planning system to prepare mass production during development phase; prototype, pre-launch, and mass production phase 2. Quality assurance: Review customer specification, provide systematic analytical approach on potential failure mode of the process, set up the sufficient prevention and inspection to ensure customer get the highest quality level as per specifications. 3. Production: Manage operational production line, to provide optimum Yield and OEE, adherance to production planning schedule and reducing customer complaint. 4. 3rd Party Logistics Operations: Lead Business Development areas, that providing best solution to customer need, manage operational task for warehouse, packing and distributions. 5. Supply Chain operation: Manage group of people responsible for packaging process, warehouse storage and handling for raw materials, WIP and Finish goods, manage 3PL for distributions planning and executions, including export and import process. I keep Challenge my self to provide "changes and improvements" on every area I did, to have better workplace, safe operation, cost efficient,satisfying customer needs, and motivate and grow my team. Specialties: Problem Solving methodology, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14000, ISO 9001, QCC Leader, APQP Leader, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, SPC and MSA, PFMEA & Control Plan, Internal Trainer Member, Just in Time and Toyota Production System, Decision analysis, Analytical Trouble Shooting by Kepner Tragoe, safety felt leadership, risk assessment and control.