Marketing own research result

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In relation to my research results, since they are such "novel" discoveries, marketing has always been a challenge. Finding that the normal marketing, promotion and sales channel don't work well, I have since 2011 begun to develop my own marketing system, that relies on social connections and thus taking advantage of both the social media platform and the trust that is established between friends. Last year, I formalize the structure into a network with set of rules and call it "Friend of Friends".
Even though I have yet to really strike the mother lode, I would say that my marketing efforts thus far is working quite okay for someone who only has intangible products and no actual working capital to back it up. For the last 10 months, total revenue from selling the research results is 1.2 billion rupiahs, that's averaging 100 million rupiahs a month, with only 2 laptops and 2 smart phone worth total 20 million rupiah as working capital, in a country where you can still buy a decent lunch with 20 thousand rupiahs.





I have done, and still doing a lot of research in the area of bioenergy (energy in the body of organic life forms). With my recent discoveries, I can say, with little doubt, that at the time I write this (February 2017) my research in the area is currently the most advanced.
Having said that, I realize that I will soon stumble into serious obstacles, especially in the area of turning my discoveries into marketable services, because in order to do that, I will need to invent equipments currently not in existence, and that would require considerable investment, which I don't have, therefore I am currently looking for investors who are forward looking and able to understand the value of my research