Sales and Marketing Director - Orang Tua Group (Indonesia)


March 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017:
Sales and Trade Marketing Director of Orang Tua Group (Beverages Division) of Indonesia.
Responsible for establishing the strategic and business development plans, programs, developing marketing opportunities, assisting the sales and distributors in the implementation of sales and marketing plan.
1. Determining annual and gross-profit plans by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for regions; projecting expected sales volume and profitability for existing and new products; analysing trends and results; establishing pricing strategies; recommending selling prices; monitoring costs, competition, supply and demand.
2. Identifying marketing opportunities by awareness of consumer requirements. Defining market segments, competitors share, and competitor’s strengths and weaknesses; forecasting projected business; and establishing targeted market share.
3. Giving directions, guidance and support to Sales and Marketing teams and implementing appropriate systems and processes.
4. Accomplishing marketing and sales objectives by planning, developing, implementing, evaluating advertising, merchandising, and trade promotion programs; and developing field sales action plans.
5. Implementing personnel development and staff valuation of additional training needs.
1. Created and managed the Key Accounts Group for On-Trade to handle the beverage division of the company in the penetration drive and brand development.
2. Formulated and implemented the trade promotional program both for On and Off-Trade.
3. Formulated the system for promotional viability assessment system for the planning, implementation and monitoring of promotional support to the trade.
4. Recommended the enhancement of the sales distribution structure and system of the distributor tailored fit to the needs of the market.
5. Achieved all the responsibilities as defined and stated above.