Senior Technical Director, Chief Architect, Baidu


• Server and data center architect in charge of hardware and data center design, development and deployment in China’s largest data center search company. Accomplishments include setting up a US-based hardware design R&D organization team, development of hardware design and validation labs, design of next generation of Baidu’s servers, design and deployment of rack and server liquid cooling, free air cooling and IDEC deployment at data centers, 48VDC conversion of servers and racks, selection of hardware deployed and establishment of product life-cycle for all hardware deployed at Baidu with emphasis on integrating effectively with software, and reducing failures through creating a comprehensive TCO analysis tool.
• Development of cutting edge data center and server hardware technology for deployment at Baidu’s data centers in China, such as CPU/GPU liquid cooling, IDEC and air washer cooling and compliant coated and highly resilient servers for free air cooling in highly air polluted Chinese data centers, online/offline HVDC and 48VDC hardware design for rack power efficient design, overhead and bottom liquid cooled heat exchanger solution for achieving extremely low data center PUEs and rack and pod level fuel cell power utilization for energy efficient and green data center designs at Baidu’s data centers in China.
• Mechanical, thermal and reliability design of compute and sensor boxes of Baidu’s self-driving autonomous vehicle. Duties include mechanical and thermal designs of IO and compute boxes, rack design and assembly as well as reliability study of the designed systems for extreme temperature, air pollution and mechanical shock and vibration road conditions.





• Hardware design and operations engineer with extensive experience in leading edge technology development, engineering design , manufacturing, reliability, operations, with 50+ published papers and 14 issued patents
• Skilled in customized ODM/OEM servers and data center hardware engineering with emphasis on reliability and quality in design and operations targeting minimized TCO and maximized uptime as principle investigator and individual contributor in both technical and managerial aspects in low to high volume operations
• Skilled in experimental and numerical product design, qualification testing, reliability performance analysis, DFT/DFM, SPC, DMAIC, FMEA, DOE, ORT, RCCA, six sigma design, tolerance analysis, and yield management and improvements
• Track record of sound business judgments, able to meet corporate goals and objectives, progressively expanding responsibility, excellent communications skills, able to motivate and direct others

Data center infrastructure architect and server hardware engineer with 20+ years of hardware, software, infrastructure, efficiency, reliability and manufacturing experience in data center and server hardware engineering design and deploy.