Co-Founder & Managing Director of Treehouse Research

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17 years of doing professional market research in Indonesia, with 2 years of regional South East Asia exposure.
8 years partnering with Toyota Astra Motor Indonesia as the company's consumers insightment and market research provider, thus can be considered as one of the leading experts in understanding automotive industry's consumers and markets




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Treehouse Research is a boutique agency in Jakarta, specializing in the Indonesian market. We are a team of highly qualified qualitative researchers in the country. Why we are different? We enjoy qualitative work and found it to be a fun experience. Because we enjoy our work, we try our best in doing it We learnt a lesson from watching how children see a challenge… they see any new problem like a game or puzzle to solve and they really enjoy solving this puzzle Out of the box We like to do things differently, throw different kind of ideas to our respondents and think of a creative solution to the problems and research objectives that our clients have Small and agile We are not suffering from the problems that large agencies have. Since we are small, we only have the most senior researchers in our team Being small also mean that we are very flexible. We try to accommodate client’s research needs (within reason of course) as best as we can Rich in experience Our team has wide range of experience. We have worked in research industry and other areas such as advertising agency and the client’s side So we understand the problems faced by our clients simply because we have been in their hot seat before ...and finally... We aim to Give you the best value for money Being a small and local agency, we have the luxury to be more competitive and efficient in our cost compared to the larger agencies. This combined with our quality and expertise will give our clients unparallel value for money Specialties: Branding and consumer understanding Qualitative skills (moderation and analysis)