CIO ASEAN - GE Healthcare

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Responsible for IT strategy and execution as CIO for GE Healthcare ASEAN. Leading the transformation of IT function in ASEAN from a defensive, reactive position to true business partner and enabler. Deliver simplification of local processes in Asia-Pacific and drive standardization of tools resulting in significant improvement to the overall business operations flow in a dynamic environment
Significantly improved end customer satisfaction and trust in ASEAN through a business program to reduce recurring customer complaints with certain product failures. Example of CIO owning core business challenge not just Technology related
Delivered benefit of more than $10M through successful implementation of multiple complex projects
Enhanced internal end user services and digital IQ for employees in collaboration and knowledge sharing with other business CIOs
Improved user and customer experience by simplifying commercial and operational tools foot print in Asia Pacific by 50%
Reduced TCO in IT by 30% through partner negotiations, portfolio simplification, acquisition integration and fiscal discipline




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"Lead Change Before You Have To"-Jack Welch I love leading change..For last decade as a technology leader in General Electric, I have been leading change with a focus on getting business outcomes through technology,process and culture changes So what impact my change leadership helped deliver? Ask operations employees who could get diposable days back in their hands so that they can spend quality time with their loved ones or do things they want to do. Ask sales men who moved needle on customer satisfaction from saying "will get back to you soon Mr. Customer" To "Here it is Mr. Customer what you wanted, when you wanted and how you wanted" Ask field engineers who no more have to be away from field to capture service records or other administration activities but to do so with much less time and on the go Ask people who worked as part of my team and whose leadership style was transformed for ever and career path went soaring And there are many more...YES... #True Impact For Customers and Employees Prior to joining General Electric I spent seven years in consulting. Either selling or delivering software services for customers in Europe and United State..I have brought in new business opportunities, revived bad customer relationships and in one particular scenario learnt a lot from my mistakes in losing a customer relationship My career goal is to improve people's experience in this world and add $5bn of value in economic terms Specialties- Change Leadership, Fast Work, Digital Strategy and Planning, Organizational Integrator, Start Up, ,Commercial Intensity, Partner Management, Greenfield Delivery Organization, Performance Development, Executive coaching, Program Management and Financial Management P.S.- If you are a recruiter and want to get in touch for a specific role,..Please make sure you have expected impact for the role explained in your note