Principal Consultant - Fusionex

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• Implemented Google Analytics web tracking for Web Portal business intelligence tracking for monitoring of Management Information Systems
• Provide new gaming solutions based on draft functional requirements by business for Casino kiosk gaming campaigns
• Provision of systems change solutions for RWS Web Portal, based on business change needs for up-selling, annual renewal and multi-park. Provide system solutions based on time, cost and system constrains





before the #Fintech 2.0, Cheong leapt onto the productivity bandwagon during the 5th yr of his banking career, with experience gleaned from his roles as a Personal Financial Consultant and Fixed Income Reconciliation Specialist, Cheong embarked on a search for greener pastures.

The search eventually took him to Citibank Shanghai and exposure to back-end systems configuration & setup. Trained to be highly proficient in parameter configuration setup in AS400, dealing with CASA Deposits & Loans.

Cheong subsequently relocated back as a Functional BA with the Citibank International Technology Office in Singapore

During the 2008 banking crisis, Cheong toiled his way up as a Business Subject Matter Expert for S1 Teller Systems in UOB Singapore

Recognised as a hardworking & dedicated individual, Cheong was roped into several high profile projects including the UOB Lite Branch & iPhone app as a key project personnel and test lead

Cheong had also provided IT solutions to casino gaming and online attractions booking portal as a Business Analyst / Consultant with Fusionex Singapore

In 2011, Cheong lead his team to achieve the highly-coveted team marksmanship award during his military in-camp training

With the emergence of #Fintech and it's related technologies, Cheong has given up S1 systems & AS400 to embrace Google #analytics, #instagram #twitter and #snapchat. Excel spreadsheets have given way to #data analytics, hashtags & metadata

Cheong is open to opportunities (which may include global travel ) in Retail Banking Operations ( systems automation) and is open to connect for business ventures and BA projects globally.

Cheong's ex-collegues & friends have frequently commented that he is an Ethical and God-fearing man

Bubbling with creativity, Cheong has 14 years of formal music education & has achieved 7 grades in music proficiency. In his free time, he jogs and swim to unplug himself from the web

All business ventures, job opportunities are welcomed