: Senior Studio Representative (Management Level) at Westec Media Limited

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Direct contact with home office
 Sending Titles territory Analysis to the studios for review and approval.
 Sending Localize Title, tagline, release date to the studios for approval
 Preparing Plan for Promotion and advertising cost (PnA) to the studios for approval
 Preparing and Sending 3rd party promotion for the title to the studios for approval
 Selecting artworks and working with agency for localize artworks and sending to the studios for approval.
 Preparing opening day report, opening weekend report and sending to home office and management team by compare with estimate and actual. Analyzing market situation and create more effective strategies to get more GBO for the title.
 Working closely with Digital team at Home Office for guideline and schedule for launching materials (trailer, key-art, stills…).
 Ordering original standee, poster, premium items from home office according to plan.
 Working closely with Home office to fulfill other tasks require by the studios.
Working Closely with Marketing Team
 Sharing monthly case study
 Providing movie guideline, marketing overview to discuss and brainstorm, creating marketing plan for the titles.
 Checking marketing team regularly according to plan and dateline.
 Alerting marketing team for materials available and processing marketing materials.
 Advising new effective campaign and working closing with team.
 Analyzing marketing plan based on weekly report and developing it.
 Revising GBO estimation after internal screening and developing strategies to reach target audiences as expected.
 Standby on pre-screening/premiere night to see fan reaction, classified target audiences.
Working closely with Digital Team for advertising on social digital channels.
 Creating weekly studio content calendar to post materials such as trailer, stills, artworks, press, clips…, according to plan and guideline from studios on Studios official pages.
 Creating concept for event, competition, special clip,




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