Heat Stress Management Consultant


I conduct and instigate Heat Stress Management plans, I have set these plans up in many industries construction/mining/oil& gas/maritime etc., in Australia, Papua New Guinea and also in the Danakil desert in Ethiopia.
These plans are country/project specific to meet the needs of employees working in these austere environments.

On every project that I have rolled out these Heat Stress Management plans, we have been able to reduce all Heat stress related illnesses to nil.
We also find we can reduce fatigue thereby reducing accident/incidents from occurring, and also decrease minor sprains and strains, thereby decreasing MTI's/LTI's.

The plan also reduces down time such as work rest cycling via the use of the Thermal Work Limit Heat Stress Indices and engineering controls that we can introduce, this is a win win situation
for any company and its employees, as it reduces lost production costs to the company and also reduces the chance of an employee having a Heat stress illness event and also increases productivity of the worker
because the comfort ability rating to the body is much higher, which means they will be able to burn off more energy with a reduced risk of Heat stress illness.

The last major project I consulted to, had 2200 workers, within in a 3-month period they had 115 Heat exhaustion collapses (which was a huge cost to the company, not only in lost production but also HSE
Investigation costs), I instigated the Heat Stress Management plan and provided training to the workers and the HSE professionals, and I was able to reduce this number back to nil over the next few months,
And we retained that goal over the 2.5-year life of the project (This project was in Darwin Australia)

I set up a Heat Stress Management plan in the Danakil Desert (Officially the hottest place on earth-highest dry bulb temperature recorded was 78.9C. The Heat Stress Management plan was
Instigated at the start of the project-Nil Heat related cases were recorded for the life of





Excellent work ethic, reliable,trustworthy and will make sure the job is done right.
Consultancy covers a range of area's- Confined Space Auditing, Confined Space Risk Assessments and Emergency Response Plans, Heat Stress Management Plans, Instigating Heat Stress Management Plans onsite- training of all levels of personnel-training HSEC personnel in the use of Heat Stress Monitors and controls to be put in place to reduce Heat Stress illnesses (eg: Engineering controls).
Medical Evacuation Response Plans (Merp's), Emergency Response Plans (ERP's)
Setting up of Remote Area Clinics, Setting up of Air Medical Evacuation (AME) and Search & Rescue Rotary wing (SAR).
Client interface on projects and supervision of medical staff.
Auditing of Remote Area Clinics.