Senior Product Manager

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Specialties covered over the years:
Payment optimisations, credit and debit cards, PayPal and other payment options, subscription billing, product development, marketing, project management, business strategy,
Working with cross - functional teams in a complex global environment - Legal, Treasury, Accounting, Tax, Fraud & Chargebacks, and Engineering.
• Checkout experience optimization, creating a frictionless selling checkout and developing payments strategy for a global customer base by introducing multiple alternative payments in various regions to increase conversion and authorization rates.
• Revenue recovery tools / decline salvage & subscriptions cancelation prevention – tools designed to recover lost revenue due to cart abandonment & unfinished payments and to decrease passive & active subscription churn.
o Implementing Smart Recovery Tools (account updater, retry logic, MCC optimization) to increase the average lifetime value of recurring subscriptions using various data indicators and methods to decrease churn.
• Optimization tools that enable payment routing for optimized processing rates and lowest cost.
• Fraud detection & Chargeback fighting – creating flexible fraud detection, packaged into an intelligent module, correlated to merchant business patterns and commercial requirements.




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Focused on developing technology to solve business problems and improve customer satisfaction. Working in an agile development environment, across multiple verticals- involved in numerous aspects of the organization – R&D & Marketing, Finance, Risk, Fraud, Chargebacks & Compliance. Help coordinate and support the different teams that go into product creation — business, engineering, design, sales, marketing, risk and support teams. Building product requirements and helping communicate the product strategy to various stakeholders Solid background in Business Development & Payments Optimization (including fraud & chargebacks) OPC (Organization, Prioritization, Communication) and Customer Management - voice of the customer - driving, understanding and implementing scenarios. Lived and worked in California, Austria, United Kingdom and Romania. I enjoy facing challenges that come from managing a large variety of cultural and environmental differences. Certified Practical Product Management, Pragmatic Marketing, Requirements that Work, Affiliate Management Strategies, Project Management & Agile Scrum for Teams