Engineering manager

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I am currently employed in a senior position within SNC-Lavalin site based at Sidra Medical Research Center. Within my current job roll I am required to:
 Lead, organize, plan, co-ordinate and maintain a cost effective team of multidisciplinary engineers to provide technical services to the Corporation for successful implementation of the assigned Sidra Medical Research Center project.
 Supervise and provide technical direction and leadership to my subordinates to achieve the highest level of technical integrity and excellence, in all areas of work covered within the scope of the Project.
 Retain overall authority of approval of technical matters, in coordination with the Project Manager as appropriate. Recommends appropriate solutions and proposes changes as necessary.
 Contribute towards and oversee the preparation of specifications and work scopes and participates for new tenders within FM contracts.
 Guide and contribute to the development of cost estimates on day to day operations of mechanical maintenance and operations at Sidra Medical Research Center.
 Ensure adherence to the corporate design philosophies, policies and standards to promote and maintain the technical quality of engineering designs in the field of Process/Facilities/Pipelines/Rotating&StaticEquipment/Electrical/Instrumentation & Control/Structural/Buildings disciplines. Recommends and obtain necessary approvals of any variations or deviations from approved philosophies, standards, specifications, procedures, guidelines, codes of practices and standards like SFG20 and QCS 2007, 10, 14.
 Provide technical inputs to the development of the Project Execution Strategy, (PES), Project Execution Plan (PEP), Project Quality Plan (PQP), and all other strategies including procurement strategies for Long Lead items & critical items on steam raising plant and distribution systems.
 Organize various formal design reviews of the Project and ensures effective & timely manner resolution of technical is