Senior Engineer - Parts Quality Assurance

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1) Manage, coordinate and assist suppliers in quality improvement activities. Work with suppliers and build quality improvement programs, process optimization, lean production, Kaizen and Critical Control Points (CCPs).
2) Coordinate quality meetings to discuss technical report (8D report format), verify onsite and ensure corrective/preventive actions from suppliers.
3) Perform supplier quality performance audit, process verification and new part process approval.
4) Occupational Safety and Health Committee member.
5) Parts Quality Assurance Trainer (Focus subjects: Dimension Measurements & QC Process Chart)
6) Prepare & plan the maintenance and use of engineering equipments for mesurements and engineering analysis.
7) Design, analyse and conduct feasibility study of packaging for incoming local parts.
8) Lead a team of 6 engineers and supervising them executing departments framework, developing components and establishing new supplier
• Supervising & lead a team of 6 Parts Quality Engineers.
• Successfully reduced 60% defect cost per product for Q3,FY14 by comparing to Q1,FY14 and reduced line stop from 322 hours in 2015 to 90 hours in 2016.
• Established ‘Basic Standard’ for PQA internal reference and a new framework for development of critical mechanical new parts in terms of quality process requirements.
• Successfully developed a new partner (Ban Seng Lee Industries Sdn. Bhd.) for metal stamping & assembly parts – Back Chassis FY17. Result: achieved target <1000DPPM from Oct’16–Feb’17. Daily output: 800pcs/day.




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Result oriented, strong technical and industrial qualifications. More than 9 years hands on experience in Product Engineering, Supplier Quality Engineering of new product, and Project Management of new production line. Proven ability to successfully analyse critical process requirements of product, identify process deficiencies, assess potential improvement, develop innovative ideas with cost-effective solutions to enhance quality, increase output, and improve reliability. Experience in Quality Management System, ISO 9001. Profound knowledge in OHSAS 18001 & MS 1722, Value Analysis, Value Engineering, Design and Innovation Methodology.