Medical Equipment (Cancer Treatment)

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6 years of extended experience with one of the leading companies in Cancer Irradiation equipment (Proton Therapy). Deep knowledge of the technology and the industry players in both European and US markets.





Back to medical business after eleven years of telecom. Adding general management, accounting, HR, regulatory affairs, customer and supplier management to my experience bag.

Previously: Long and varied experience with a major Japanese mobile telecom company – focus on mobile internet & content. Positions spanning from product implementation, carrier relationship management, business development and internal strategy & consulting. In depth understanding of the three major mobile markets – USA, Japan and Europe.

Long experience in managing cross-national and cross-cultural businesses and teams across the world. Lived and worked in Japan, US and several European countries. EU citizen/US permanent resident.

Specialties: Medical devices, General management, Sales and New business development, accounting, HR, supplier management, regulatory affairs, partnership development, global business development, carrier relationship, project management, telecommunications, mobile internet & content.