EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, The Blackheath Hospital www.bmihealthcare.co.uk

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Initially engaged in a three-month interim contract, moved to permanent contract, charged with the responsibility to turn the hospital performance around and raise the hospital to flagship status.
Key achievements:
• Two months since February have achieved record revenues and EBITDA for the hospital
• Attraction of various new revenue lines
• Number of innovations developed in-house including clinical models of care as well as leading the pilot of various Apps and technological solutions
• Asked to be involved in development of new private and public health delivery model – only BMI hospital to achieve this nationally
• Various key indicators significantly enhanced e.g. theatre efficiency increased from 32% to 108%, OPD utilization increased from 28% to 82%, patient satisfaction increased from 92% to 98%, self-pay revenues increased 11%, increased acuity of services in most service lines
• Won several new contracts including 1800 orthopaedic procedures
• Attracted 60 new high value consultants
• Commenced a number of new clinical services and clinics
• Commenced development of Value Based Outcome Models and Centre of Excellence Models




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A senior successful health specialist manager with experience in a wide array of clinical and finance / business support roles and consultancy at regional and CEO level in a number of countries in the private and public sector. Strong leadership, strategic planning, change management, development of new services, with a unique in-depth understanding of the health sector and a proven track record in increasing business profitability.