IT Management


My expertise is IT Management (14 year of experiences in international corporate businesses), Process Improvement, CAPEX/OPEX Planning, Vendor management, Team Management, Change Management, IT Strategy and ROI analysis.I also give lecture to master degree student in the university in parallel. I have work experience in Thailand, USA, UK for long IT projects and some other countries such as Japan, China, Malaysia, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia for short projects.





A Thousand miles of journey starts with a single step.
- Lao Tzu

Learn as you will live forever,
Live as you will die tomorrow.
- Gandhi

Specialties: I contributed what I know in Wikipedia (mostly in computer technology area).

Below are some of my papers:
- "JMA: Java-Multithreading Architecture for Embedded Processor"
(IEEE International on Computer Design, Freiburg, Germany)
- "MulTEP: Multithreaded Embedded Processors"
(International Symposium on Low-power and High-speed chips, Yokohama, Japan)
- "Embedded Processing: Power Behinds our Digital Societies"
(UNESCO's Lemonov International Scientiic Conference, Moscow, Russia)
- "How Life is in Digital World" (Net Planet, the 8th World Business Dialogue, Cologne, Germany)
- "Multithreading in Embedded Processors" (IEE SOC Design, Test and Technology, Cardiff, Wales)
- "The Design and Implementation of Bus-based MIMD Parallel Machine"
(Computer Science and Engineering Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand)