Microsoft Regional Director


I have been a Microsoft Regional Director from 1999 (an honorary role) and a regular speaker at Microsoft conferences with two decades of Industry experience. I work regularly with CXOs to help them to demystify I.T. Deliver keynote addresses on entrepreneurship, digital transformation, and language computing. One of the earliest Microsoft Certified professionals in India.





I am a technocrat and a holistic business leader who likes to challenge and change the status quo.

I am the Founder & CEO of Vishwak Solutions, a technology firm offering Software Services and Products from 1997. In my role I have been a vendor partner to Microsoft, Farmers Insurance, Vodafone, Yahoo, Tata Motors and to few startups. Heading Vishwak for two decades I have sold, designed, developed & supported IT solutions to Enterprises in 9 countries. I have incorporated companies in India, USA and UK; setup offices, hired talent, build great delivery team and brought in investments.

I have been a Microsoft Regional Director from 1999, a worldwide group of technology thought leaders.

I believe that most business problems have a technology solution and vice-versa, you need to see both sides to discover it. I have an U.S. Patent pending for my invention for “Method and Platform for Presenting an Article on a device” which led to creation of “SIMPLIGIC”, which was an out of box rethinking of what a NEWS should be.

My creation Vishwak Portal Framework (VPF) powers digital properties of leading Media houses in India like Dinathanthi, MaalaiMalar, Eenadu India and had done earlier for MSN India, Hindustan Times Mint, NDTV, Times Now, Sakaal and Daily Nation (Kenya). At the products I envisioned have won numerous awards including Microsoft Tech Ed USA Runner-up.

I believe that Enterprise software has to be able to produce emotional connections otherwise they risk of being shunned away by millennials when they get into workforce. I foresee smartphones in their current avatar ceasing to exist by 2025 due to ubiquitous computing and explosion in Artificial intelligence.

I am passionate about Tamil language computing and helping technology startups. Member, Tamil Nadu Government Committee that standardized on Unicode.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from University of Madras and I regularly write at