Engineering Coordinator of Product and Process

  • EMS
  • 生産技術


Responsible for a team of approximately 15 professionals, report to the Director of Technology.
• Led and coordinated technology transfer and NPI projects for local manufacturing in the US and Asia;
• Coordinated projects to improve productivity and efficiency in the manufacturing area with reduction of losses, increase of production capacity and reduction of process losses.





More than 20 years of experience in the areas of Project Management and Contracts, Supply Chain and Business Development in various industry segments such as infrastructure, energy, electronics, telecommunications and information technology.
As Supply Chain Director, I had led more than 80 employees and was responsible for annual budgets above US$ 70M, reporting to the Global Supply Chain VP and the Latin America Supply Chain Executive Director.
As Project Manager, I had managed budgets of US$ 8M to US$ 400M in different regions of Brazil, China and India.
In Business Development I was responsible for corporate accounts and developed new markets that represented more than US$ 100M annual turnover.
I was part of the team that led the third largest hydroelectric project in Brazil-Santo Antonio. In Supply Chain, I had led global projects integrating processes and regional and global organization. Worked in projects in the areas of logistics, strategic sourcing and transportation.
Led, coordinated and participated in various contract negotiations with local and international companies in EMEA, Latin America and North America.
Strategic and business agility, with experience in the development and implementation of action plans. Customer-oriented and results oriented, with insight to make business viable. Analytical and guiding profile to provide solutions and facility to establish rapport and credibility. Organizational adaptability, inspiring leader of multicultural and multidisciplinary teams and ease of relationship and communication with all stakeholders.
Graduated in Electrical Engineering, with an MBA in business administration and postgraduate in project management. Specialization in procurement and supply chain management with different courses of negotiation, risk management and project planning. Fluent English.