IT Director

  • 新着


10 years international experience in running IT for companies, including infrastructure, systems, applications, integrations, governance and security





I have spent the last 31 years traveling around the world living life to the fullest by seeking roles that are both challenging and connect to my life goal of “improving the quality of life for others”.

Although I don’t consider myself an “IT guy”, I have over 28 years’ experience in IT / data roles, mainly focused on connecting people with technology. I’ve been fortunate to rack up over 18 years of people leadership experience. My leadership philosophy is to “surround myself with people who are better than me”.

According to the various personality and strength finders tests that I’ve taken over the years a few of my strengths are; focused on developing individuals; adaptable / flexible; highly responsible; Positive; creative; innovative; intuitive and showing empathy.

I am a strong proponent of a good work life balance for all the people I lead, by focusing on spending time with family and giving back to the community.