Staff Scientist, Team Leader - GE Plastics

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Worked with global teams (technology and product management) around the world (Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific) in product development as well as fundamental understanding and structure property relations in polymer technology e.g.,
- Established the concept that surface gloss in GELOY grades is affected by molding conditions and demonstrated that flow marks on mold surface causes the roughness
- Demonstrated technical leadership to provide fundamental understanding on de-lamination in acrylate impact modified polycarbonate in injection moldable large parts
- Developed and implemented a new quality control tool for the quality of a matting agent (used in low surface gloss plastics)
- New cross-linker chemistry to make an acrylate impact modifier
- Involved in setting up of a state-of-art chemical laboratory for GE Plastics at Bangalore (worked with facilities and sourcing teams in planning on required infrastructure with defined lab space)
- Recruited right talent and competency to cater to technology needs
- Organophosphates as Flame retardants in glass filled polyesters - Design, Synthesis and Mechanism
- Demonstrated technical leadership to provide fundamental understanding on phosphate flame retardants for polyesters