International Development Professional

  • 新着


5 years in executive (Director-level), 6 years in International Development, 7 years in higher-education business





Engaging younger generation in achieving their full potential in balanced professional-social-religious life.

Formerly serving Crop Protection and Seeds-Biotech multi-national companies interests and social-political assets, while helping farmers to increase their welfare and further secure national food security agenda of Indonesia. Working alongside ministries-associations-communities in wide-range policy implementation. Collaboration with multi-national organizations in promoting responsible use of pesticides, Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) application in crop and risk-assessment awareness building with effective strategic approach.

Experience in managing multi-stakeholder projects for more than 12 years; encompassing environment, energy, higher education, chemical analysis and agriculture sectors.

Trully blessed to have closely-collaborate with policy makers, non-government organization, educators and researchers. Simply put great people.

Committed to assist small-holder farmers, next generation students and mother-earth for a better living conditions

Abdicated skills and knowledge to younger generation by professing chemistry in lectures with focus in water technology, chemical industry processes and unit operation in chemical engineering.

Love to try new things, explore new pathways and develop new creative thinking in solving challenges.

Serve GOD by serving mankind as Jesus had taught, without discriminating one's belief(s), race, historical background and gender.

Took active role as father to my children & wife by setting strict ideals and acts of love simultaneously. In so doing preparing for good course to my descendants for more quality and better life in the future.