Sales and Channels Development in Telecom Industry

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9 years experience (8 in Romania and 1 in Australia)in Sales and distribution strategy, Sales channels development, Partners management, Contract negotiation, Commercial and financial management, Sales remuneration, Commissioning, Incentive plans, Sales motivation.
Drive sales performance in Branded and Non Branded Retail Sales Channels, Global Call Centers. Manage channels & partners commercials, contract negotiations for indirect sales.
Build and implement value based commissioning models for Vodafone and Telstra consumer and business sales channels.
Retail footprint optimization - changes in distribution mix, maximize market potential.
Identify the risks and opportunities in the Channel Sales plans, ensure the most effective distribution mix through direct and indirect channels, increasing sales effectiveness and managing channel conflicts.
Franchise channel development - 130 new stores opened in 24 months (new look and feel, higher performance).
Launched 20 Mobile shops (caravans) and 120 agents for door to door activity to perform in low market share areas. The number of new customers through port-in activity increased with 50%.





Sales and Distribution strategy, Sales Channels Development, Partners management, Contract negotiation, Commercial and Financial management, Sales Remuneration, Commissioning, Incentive plans, Sales motivation, Customer experience, Budgeting and planning, Cash management.