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I have 36 years of casino gaming experience in marketing and operations. I have worked domestically in the United States with commercial and tribal organizations. I have worked internationally with casinos in Asia, Australia and Europe along with the Caribbean and South America.




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Entrepreneur who consults gaming organizations, whether it be land-based, riverboat or tribal, to enhance market share, create a positive, nurturing atmosphere, and mentoring of staff and organization. I approach Casino Marketing and Operations from a Player Development perspective. I believe that all employees are ambassadors and hosts for the casino resort. I believe that all customers are important to the facility, be it from group sales, conventioneers, existing customers and new players. The Marketing Departments that I develop are strong in player development, direct mail programs, social media, visual / audio advancements (digital motion media) and cost effective complimentaries (comps). My team and I are experienced in working with new properties and existing facilities. An assessment survey that I completed in July 2014, concludes that my strengths are the following: Able to use discipline in an appropriate manner to achieve a win-win situation. Able to juggle many projects and activities simultaneously and have a keen awareness of the status of each. I have a strong tendency to work toward making things happen rather than waiting for things to happen. I set high goals, then work hard with people to achieve those goals. I am excellent at initiating activity and direction for the team or organization. I demand high performance of myself and others. I am actively searching for the next great opportunity. Specialties: • Monitored, mentored and evaluated the team members’ progress and allocated responsibilities accordingly to expand market share and brand loyalty, • Chaired the marketing arm of the casino competition committee, which met with other divisions to improve service within the facility, <script type="text/javascript" src="" async defer></script>