Risk management Consultancy


The provision of financial risk management consultancy to the international and domestic financial services industry
The provision of specialist advice to clients and Regulatory bodies in financial management, audit systems, credit architecture, information systems and prudential controls and provisioning policies
The development with clients of the discipline of establishing Target Market criteria for retail and SME lending in the Asian markets
Completion of ‘benchmarking’ exercises to establish clients’ credit risk management capabilities against ‘World Class’ and lesser standards; the preparation of a GAP analysis and recommendations to address any deficiencies
Preparation and completion of a bespoke Credit Policy manual, including process flows and audit trails for a major Hong Kong bank
The specification and development of a net bad debt forecasting and capacity planning model for an international bank
The provision of advice in the areas of positioning of credit and behavioural scoring within the credit cycle and the development of judgemental scorecards to support the client’s entry into new markets where no historic performance data was available.
The carrying out of high-level risk asset reviews for an international bank in respect of its ‘at risk’ markets in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. Reporting to the bank’s senior management with recommendations in respect of the following areas: - Business strategy; Target Market and Segmentation; Credit organisation and structure; Portfolio composition and performance; Collections process; Provisioning policy; Credit reporting and MIS; Credit Policy; Risk and reward.
The preparation and delivery of a number of Risk Management seminars to Thai domestic and international banks in Bangkok on behalf of the Thai Institute of Banks and Finance Association
The preparation and delivery of a Risk Management Seminar to the Financial Policies and Supervision Department of The Bank of Thailand