Autonomous driving solutions and ADAS

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"In my role as VW project manager, I was responsible for the design, development and testing of new ADAS functions, including autonomous driving (L0 - L4).
Also, I have been working as technology expert for computer vision for Robert Bosch GmbH, one of the leading suppliers within the ADAS domain.
The successful development and deployment of autonomously driving vehicles is based on several technological keys (such as sensors, fusion, high-precision localization and mapping, cloud-based connectivity and fleet size to name a few). I am able to provide insight into those areas and evaluate them in the context of business opportunities and chances for growth.
In addition to the development of new ADAS functions, I have also been responsible for strategy design, innovation management, and for supporting procurement procedures. I can elaborate on supplier selection based on technological performance, strategic value, economic and organizational aspects and other suitable criteria within the ADAS domain.
I have been monitoring competitor OEMs as well as key suppliers such as Mobileye, Bosch, Autoliv and other major Tier-1 closely over the last years, including extensive test drives and in-depth evaluations of their respective autonomous driving technology. I am thus able to provide a concise picture of the respective strengths, weaknesses and conceptual differences of the different approaches.
I can elaborate on the solutions used in the race to autonomous driving (e.g. Google, Tesla, Daimler, Audi) and evaluate them in the context of business opportunities, chances for growth and their development over the next years."




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